Week One: Done!

I did it – 7 whole days of yoga, twice a day. Ok, I missed Saturday night, so 6.5 days!

Tonight’s video was an intense cardio flow, with crows and plank push ups. I was definitely in need of an active practice after a few days of gentle yoga and no gym.

So far, this program has been great. I’ve been able to wake my body up and get energized every morning, and get back in tune with my body to release any stiffness or tension before bedtime. Lovely. However, there were a couple of days when my body was sore and fatigued, and I begrudingly did those morning sequences. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, so that was my first test.

I didn’t realize my second test would involve the focus I needed for tonight! Due to connectivity issues, I had to set my yoga mat up in the living room. Where the family was watching The Big Bang Theory. And Sheeba was craving attention. And the family was feeling giggly. And playfight-y. Yet I was still able to do my prayer twist lunge in to chair transition plus a few crows with ease. Woot!

This program has not only benefited me physically, but emotionally as well. The first day I was going through some family drama that had me feeling frustrated and upset, and also fatigued from a very long day. The slow movement and focused breathing of the evening routine really helped to relax me and calm my emotional state.

This coming week will be another test, especially to my joints, as it’s the last 2 boot camp sessions plus spring Zumba starts on Wednesday. Wish me luck!


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