Prior to starting this “challenge”, I was a kale hater. Ok, hate is a strong word. More a kale disliker. I’d tried it in a smoothie before and it just tasted like grass. I normally love greens, but I had to force myself to finish it (hoping each sip would be better, to no avail).

I find that an active yoga practice to be conducive to lighter, cleaner eating, so last week I started to focus on my love for all things healthy and nutritious.

The kicker here was after the hubz and I saw the documentary Fat, Sick and Dying this past weekend. It featured an Australian man who suffered from a severe immune deficiency disease, which he was taking strong steroids for his skin flare-ups that came with bad side effects. In an attempt to cut down and eventually cut out his dependency on these meds, he decided to go on a 61-day “fast”, where all he consumed was green juices. He spent the first month of his journey in New York, facing his food issues head on, then spent the rest of his time touring America with his juicer set-up in the trunk of his car.

He focused on the benefit of micronutrients, which are found in fruit, veggies, and nuts, which the body processes more efficiently than macronutrients, which are found in everything else.

Every time he made juice, we would comment on how good they actually looked! Most of the time, his juices were made up of greens, cucumber, and some fruit like apples. This made me think of the kale smoothie I tried those many moons ago, and I thought I’d give it another shot.

After loading up on tons of greens, veggies and fruit, I decided to make myself a kale smoothie to sip on while preparing a big Sunday dinner for the fam. I looked up recipes to find a smoothie I might like better than the dreaded grass-y one, and read that adding banana may help with the taste. I whipped up a smoothie with a greens mix of kale, chard, and spinach, half an apple, half a banana, and some freshly squeezed lemon juice.

HALLO, SO YUMMY. I’ve now joined the green side.


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