Wow, so hot.

As avid a yogi as I am (try saying that 3x fast!), I do not frequent hot yoga. I used to be a hot-yoga-non-understand-er, so I made myself go a few times so I could formulate my own opinion. It was a very scary, interesting, enlightening experience. I kinda get it. So now I go once every year or two. It’s nice to sweat it out. And seriously, do you sweat. You sweat more than you ever thought you could sweat. Sexy, I know.

A friend of a friend was holding a special hot yoga class in support of her Relay for Life team, and I’m always quick to support other people’s great causes, so I actually jumped at the chance to join my bff for a sweat session when she asked if I wanted to go.

It was fantastic. And yes, still scary. As a project manager, I’ve been trained to take the lessons I’ve learned from past experiences to enhance new ones. Here are the lessons learned that I took to this class:

  1. Don’t eat risotta the night before. No one wants to practice with an onion-ini.
  2. Don’t use a metal water bottle. Hot water for refreshment is yucky.
  3. Wear capris, not shorts. I need the traction for tree pose as my legs get too slippery (that’s the sexiness!). Plus my junk doesn’t fit in those booty shorts.
  4. Follow your breath. It’s easier to do when you’re not in a heated room, but this was especially useful when I felt my heart beating so strong and fast that I thought it was going to burst out of my chest. Which is the scary part. My breath helped me get over that fear.
  5. Don’t be surprised by emotional release. This was more from past yoga experiences, not hot yoga in particular. The class was a fundraiser for the fight against cancer, and when she had us think of who we were there for, I thought I was there for my bff. At that moment, I also realized I was there for a very special family member who her lost her fight against cancer 7 years ago. While I was not close with her, I have seen how much she touched the lives of everyone in our family, how deep their love for her is, and how she lives on everyday in each of them.
  6. Visualize. While she led us through crazy ab exercises, instead of “grabbing my rope”, I grabbed cheeseburgers. I often think about food during yoga. It’s awesome.

So there, I survived. And I loved it.


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