Scale it back.

Ok, I know you don’t want to hear this, but this year I was trying to lose some weight. “But Karen, you’re so tiny!” Why, thank you so much! But I hide it well. (Thanks to some helpful What-Not-To-Wear-type styling tips, i.e., always dress for your body!) For the past few years, I had put on some pounds that made me feel pudgy and gross. When we went to Hawaii in early 2012, I felt like a whale. When I started shopping for wedding gowns that summer, I opted for styles that could accommodate my curves and also mask a food baby that may form at the wedding. I wanted to try on some sexier, slinky styles, but avoided them because of how I felt about my shape. (Important note: I am 100% happy with what I chose as I felt it was totally me, yet I still felt cute and sexy, and, most importantly, I was comfortable all night long!)

I’ve never felt fat, but after I fell off my wagon, I did feel that with everything I’d learned about staying active and healthy eating had all gone down the pooper. Years ago, my main reason for starting to go to the gym wasn’t to slim down or achieve a certain physique. It was and always will be about heart health. Although I don’t have a family history of heart disease, it is the #1 killer out there, so that’s what motivates me. Oh, and now I want to be able to keep up with my active hubbie and kids too. (I’ve also learned the hard way not to dribble a soccer ball in teeter-totter-y wedge platform shoes.) While I continued to work out somewhat regularly over the past few years, I did re-develop some bad habits, which got me wanting to make some changes this year.

One of the blessings of being out of work at the beginning of the year was that I was able to connect back with what I love to do at the gym. By the end of February, I was back to my routine of going to classes at least 3x a week and making smart food choices. I set what I thought was a lofty goal for a target weight, and didn’t actively try to meet that goal. Instead, I was paying more attention to how I felt (less slothy!), my energy level, & how my clothes were fitting.

A couple of days ago, I thought I’d step on the scale just to see where I was at. The last time I weighed myself was over a month ago, and I was perfectly happy staying at that weight. But HALLO, I hit my target weight! Oh, how the heavens sang that morning. And they kept singing even though I got a breakfast biscuit from Tims (but no sausage!) afterwards.

I don’t care if I put some of those pounds back on, but just knowing that I met that specific goal sort of by accident made me realize that I could save the world! Ok, that’s a bit of stretch, but it made my realize that it wasn’t too hard to climb back on to my wagon.

I don’t need to be as dilligent with my routine, now I can just keep up my healthy habits and maintain. And enjoy all the beer and chips I want this summer with no guilt. In moderation, of course.

Now if only I could get through one Blogilates video without stopping…


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