Hot, fancy sweating.

Apparently I’ve finally become acclimated to hot yoga??! Was it yoga in the park last week in 29 degree weather, under a bright sun and clear skies?? That practice totally felt like hot yoga, what with all the sweating.

Or maybe it was practicing in one of the newest, state-of-the-art studios our fine city has to offer? Today I went to a hot flow class at Yoga Public that I was a little nervous about beforehand, as I am before any hot class, but I was totally fine! It helped that it was only an hour long. It was an ashtanga-ish class, which was nice to do after not having practiced ashtanga for a few years.

But as for the fancy-ness, I’m sure I will get very spoiled with this 2-week unlimited intro pass I’ve signed up for. It’s a beautiful facility. With high fees to pay for it all! Thankfully, they have class passes so I can visit it occassionaly to get my hot, fancy yoga on.

PS: TRX is awesome there too! Since all they have are the TRX bands and no other equipment (other than the stairs outside the door. OH, THE STAIRS!), the exercises felt a lot more focused. You know, when I’m not falling out of side plank.


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