One fun way I like to stay active and enjoy the summer is to run! And by “run”, I mean move my body in a manner that makes you think I am running, but am actually moving at a speed slower than when I walk (pro athlete, I am not). But it’s a quick and fun way to get my move on!

Early this year my bff told me about a new race that was coming to Winnipeg in July: Color Me Rad! Inspired by the Hindu festival of Holi, where participants celebrate the beginning of spring by throwing coloured powder at each other, Color Me Rad is a 5 km race where runners get dyed cornstarch flung at them every kilometre, ending in a big colourful cloud!

It was definitely the best race I’d run to date. Check out all the fun (and yes, our shirts were white when we started):


 Passing through the 3 km colour station.


CMR5Feeling pumped post-race!


My requisite half moon pose, bound for good measure.

See you next year!


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