Illuminighting Celebrations

The hubz and I ventured south a couple of weeks ago to celebrate our 1-year wedding anniversary in the sprawling town of Fargo, ND. We booked 2 nights at the Hotel Donaldson, aka the HoDo, a boutique hotel downtown with pieces from local artists in every room. HALLO.

HALLO #2: JL Beers. 32 different kinds of beer on tap? Hubz said he was never leaving. And I got the best t-shirt out of it, to boot!


HALLO #3 (& the reason why this qualifies for a post on my fun fitness blog): a 5 km night time run! Illuminight 5K Fargo was taking place the first night we were there, so of course we had to participact. …even after having just consumed some yummy beer, burgers and loaded fries at JL. What happened now? What, who got her best time ever for a 5 km?! THIS GIRL. I’d say it was all the calories I had just consumed, but it really was the motivation of running with chasing the hubz along the race route! It wasn’t a “serious” (i.e., timed) race, but extrovert Karen revelled in the energy of the whole thing. I felt like I flew through the whole thing! (Which is much better feeling than when I started, thinking I was going to barf my dinner up. Classy, I know.) What a delight it was to see our fellow runners glowing in the dark, wearing glow bracelets and necklaces, and bouncing to the fun music they had playing along the route. There was even a music tent to run through in the park, with flashing lights and a sound system playing bumping tunes. While running through it on our way back, I swear I heard the women who registered us yelling out “Go, Canada!.”


Good. Times.