Blissful Beatz

I left the Graffiti Gallery on Sunday night totally buzzing from the energy of the awesome event that was Bliss + Beatz, brought by Savannah Joy Yoga. Accompanied by Mama Cutsworth on the decks, local yoginis Niki Trosky and Sam Manchulenko slowly drew a dynamic and challenging, yet liberating practice out of us in the raw, inspired space of the gallery.

Here are some images and a video that sponsor Prairie Yogi captured that night:

I expected the practice to be similar to hip-hop yoga with Philly D at Moksha. It wasn’t, but it ended up being a fun challenge. Yes, challenging asana and transitions (one-legged mountain climbers, really??!), the hardest part for me was the free movement that Sam encouraged us to explore. The energizing height of the practice started with us stepping off of our mats, exploring the space around us and encouraging our bodies to bop and vibe to the music. I’m not comfortable with “freestyle” dance (I like the structure of routines), so this was difficult for me. However, I allowed myself to get lost in the moment and didn’t end up feeling all too awkward. By the end, we were jumping up and down, clapping, thumping our chests, and revelling in all the energy we’d stirred up together. Sam brought us back to the moment by having us take our hands to heart-centre to feel the buzz in our chests.

And that was bliss.