I Challenge Thee!

Since joining Instagram, I’ve noticed various challenges being proposed. Photo challenges, workout challenges, and… yoga challenges! However, any yoga challenge I saw involved mainly advanced postures that I couldn’t even begin to attempt unless I wanted to dislocate something important.

However, as part of the many, fun events that are planned in support of Movember [for balls, I mean, for men’s health issues. (Haha. “balls”)], IPWN Yoga Apparel announced a 14-day challenge that involved doing fun postures of the day AND wearing a fake moustache. Hi, how fun! I decided to join in on the #morangeisthenewblack fun.

This challenge has been a really fun way of pursuing my practice, and was reminded me of 2 awesome things that yoga continues to teach me:

1. Your body is capable of a lot more than your brain thinks it is.

When it came time to do Astavakrasana aka 8-angle pose (I kept misspelling the Sanskrit name so I now shamelessly type it out every chance I get), I crazy-ass failed by trying to get in to it crow-wise. Then duh, I looked up a tutorial, and surprised myself by hitting it! And holding it! After midnight! (Hi, welcome zombie yoga. Minus the brain-eating.)





2. Only go so far as your body will allow you.

HAHA, I have since dropped out of the challenge as week 2 became instantly, crazily hard. But that first week sure was fun!

If you’d like to check out all the mo’ fun on Instragram, search by #movemberisthenewblack or follow @ipwnyogadotcom on Instagram.


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