Holiday Cheer

This past Sunday, I was finally able to fill our home with holiday cheer by getting our Christmas tree up and other decorations. It’s a very busy time of year for most people, and I am so lucky to be able to enjoy the holiday season both with dear family and also cherished friends, especially ones who are home for the season!

Amidst all of the crazy fun of the holidays, I’m stepping back to reflect on my life today and how I can continue to apply the lessons I’ve learned from my yoga practice throughout this often stressful holiday season, and in to the newness of 2014.


Since the summer, I have been working on a large, all-encompassing project at work that has caused some un-fun stress. I’ve now been relegated from the lead project manager role, and feel like I’ve received an early Christmas gift! A different me in a past work life might have taken this as a blow to my ego, but I know that this decision is bigger than me, and that I was successful in what I’ve done so far, so that’s as much as I could do! I’ll still be involved, which is great because it’s big and exciting, but I can already feel lighter knowing that the sole responsibility no longer rests on my shoulders.


As a not-so-new stepmom, I’ve been able to channel my inner housewife/mom to serve my family with lotsa love. However, in my (more sparse) spare time, I have gotten away from volunteering in the community. Since the GuluWalk ended, I’ve been trying to find a new volunteering niche. In the past few months, a couple of fun opportunities have presented themselves and I’m so excited for them to start! One is to mentor the team lead of an IT program at Red River College for their project term, where they create a real project for a real client for course credit. I’ve also joined an new professionals’ association at work and have signed on to volunteer for their networking team, which organizes fun events like book clubs, a dodgeball tournament, and an annual summer picnic with students who work with the province. I love being able to share my enthusiasm and relatable skills to give back, and am so excited to get back in to the swing of volunteerism!


Many people struggle at this time of year to maintain calm and minimal stress, yet are conflicted with the various obligations and pressures that come with a busy life on top of the craziness of the holidays season. Shopping for Christmas gifts, both attending and organizing holiday events, keeping nutritional and fitness goals, taking care of your home and family… There’s SO much we could get bogged down with. I find that if I can find as much simplicity as I can, things are easier to manage and maintain.

Here are a few things I want to try to keep in mind:

  • Keep our personal schedules from getting too busy, knowing how much my family and I can handle.
  • Enjoy all the fun food that’s around but in moderation.
  • Continue to stay active where possible; as long as I can keep my habits up and stay committed, it should be no sweat (pun intended.)
  • Maintain my daily yoga practice, even if it means a few moments to sleep meditate on the bus.
  • Honour my relationships with my loved ones, and not get caught up with the little things that may upset me that aren’t worth stressing out over or worrying about.