Happy new year and happy new year’s resolution season!

I said I wasn’t going to make any resolutions for 2014 as they’re so clichéd, but in December I did set some goals for myself that I didn’t start to realize until after the holidays, so timing-wise, I’ll just say they’re resolutions. (To-MAY-toh, to-MAH-toh.)

Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Eat less potato chips. AS IF I could cut those out. But I’ll work on my portion size. No need to scarf a whole bag of Old Dutch in 2 days.
  2. Spread my workouts out across the week. With a Wednesday/Friday boot camp schedule, my workouts tended to be concentrated towards the end of week, with lazy Mondays and Tuesdays. Being able to get up and at ’em on Sunday or Monday morning will help me spread things out and also get a good start to the week!
  3. Re-focus on making healthier weekday dinners. With the start of the deep freeze in December, I was making a lot of comfort food. Now that we all want to reset for 2014, I’m going to go back to healthy but still yummy (because what’s the point if it doesn’t taste good?!) meals for G and the kidlets. Last night I debuted the slow cooker I got for Christmas (thanks, again Graham!!) by making Chinese BBQ pork with rice noodles aka the healthier, Asian version of pulled pork.
  4. Pick up my leg strengthening exercises again as sore. knees. suck. I was diagnosed with capsulitis in my knees last November and haven’t been doing a good job of following my doctor’s orders to build the strength up in my quads and bootay to support my knees when I workout. In addition to my regular workouts and yoga session, I’ve started a daily strength challenge for the month of January. Daily squats and lunges until I get to 100 squats and 75 lunges. My legs are going to be so happy by then!
  5. Blog more often. To help get back in to the habit, I’ve started a New Year Workout Diary (NYWD). I’ll try this for a week and see where it takes me…

See ya, bye!


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