NYWD: Thursday, January 9th & Friday, January 10th

Thursday, January 9th (pseudo rest day)

  • Day 6 of January strength challenge (50 squats and 15 lunges)
  • Evening yoga to wind-down and stretch out the soreness

Wake-up factor: 10. I slept in knowing I was only going to do my leg exercises.

Pre-workout & post-workout factors: N/A

Breakfast: Kashi Toasted Berry Cereal with almond milk.

Lunch: Sushi! Tuna gomae and a monkey roll (tuna, scallop and scallions topped with mayo and roe).

Parting words: My evening yoga session was just what I needed!! Focused on backbends and heart opening postures, including Rock Stars (quite apropos since I was listening to Drake.)

Friday, January 10th

  • Boot camp

Wake-up factor: 5. Ugh. Friday? Finally? It’s been a long week.

Pre-workout factor: 8. Let’s do this!!

Post-workout factor: 6. So. Glad. Workout. Is. Done.

Breakfast: Black Americano and a piece of reduced fat banana bread with chocolate chips.

Lunch: Leftover Char Siu (Chinese BBQ) pork with rice noodles.

Parting words:

  • The beginning of boot camp was so rough. I didn’t feel as though as I had any energy. Thankfully, I fared better on our 2nd round of the circuit. By the end of it, though, I was very grateful about having to duck out 10 minutes to prep for my morning meetings.
  • It’s ok that I didn’t do my daily leg exercises as I was running between floors getting ready for meetings this morning–in 4-inch platform peep toe booties.
  • Tomorrow must be a rest day! I broke out a bit, from lack of sleep, I think. I will use Saturday to treat myself and catch up on my sleep, and treat my body to some gentle yoga.

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