Yoga Rocks! (Tell me Something I Don’t Know)

I’m still trying to figure out how to compliment my regular boot camp classes, whether I amp up my yoga practice with more regular sessions of asanas, or if I want to commit to more Pilates .

yoga rocks

Trying to feel things through to make that decision, I signed up for Yoga Journal’s “Yoga Rocks!” 14-day challenge with Eric Paskell, founder of Yoga Shelter. I was a little nervous about starting it out after seeing the chatter on Twitter about this challenge (e.g., “Day1 #YJYogaRocks completed. Clothes are wet and I’m sweating. but feeling great…”), but I knew I had to start somewhere! I woke up this morning and crawled on to my mat for Day 1…

WOW. After getting over a 4-day migraine, of which the first 2 days allowed no physical activity (other than some headstands to soothe the brain pain), this dynamic and invigorating practice was just what the doctor ordered! Deep lunges followed by scissor kicks, balanced twists and single-legged squats were just what my body was craving – I’m used to this type of movement in boot camp at the gym, so I was very happy to incorporate with some yoga. I was definitely glistening by the end.

I also really enjoyed his style. Rooted in traditional asanas but with a playful, carefree way to transition and move through the poses made it a very fun, and challenging practice. I am eagerly looking forward to the what else Eric’s got in store for us!

To join in the fun, register at


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