Yoga Still Rocks!

I am on Day 7 of Yoga Journal’s Yoga Rocks! 14-day challenge with Eric Paskell and it’s going quite well! Last night, I was able to do the 45-minute practice in the evening, which I was so grateful for. I’ve commented before on how challenging it is to do a       ful(filled) yoga practice amidst a bustling household, but I was able to make the time and space for it. The boys were even so nice as to wait until I was done in the family room before coming upstairs to play X-Box. (I trained them well.)

It’s taking me longer than 14 consecutive days to complete this challenge, which I knew going in, as I didn’t want to put too much stress on my body by doing these dynamic classes on the same days that I go to boot camp.

I think going forward, I’ll switch between active yoga and Pilates on non-gym days, while maintaining a gentle daily practice to keep my mind and body in check.

This sounds like the beginning of another spring opening! And so this humble blog of mine comes full circle…

Have a lovely spring day, y’all (ignoring the fact that it’s -20whateveroutside.)


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