Go with the Flow

When I practice yoga, especially at home, there are a few different things that bring me to my mat:

  • I want to try out the pose of the day for that Instagram challenge.
  • I didn’t work out today at the gym or do any Pilates, so I should do some yoga.
  • My quads and hamstrings are tight from Boot Camp yesterday.
  • I need to work on my headstand.
  • My neck and shoulders are sore from sitting at my computer all day.
  • I’m stressed out and need to decompress.

However, there are days when just wanting to step on to my mat is enough. I don’t set an intention in my mind, there isn’t a specific body part I want to stretch – I just start to move and let the physical asanas take my body and mind on it’s journey…

  • Stepping on to the mat, pressing up in to my first downward dog, and easing in to a few vinyasas, I realize that the flow of a few sun salutations is enough to loosen things up, open me up for my day and ease my mind in to full consciousness.
  • Transitioning from one-legged dog in to wild thing, I can promote expansiveness by opening up in to wheel.
  • Starting an early morning practice to gently wake with some light twisting and opening postures, then having it evolve in to a lesson on how to take the knowledge and strength I’ve built up over the years and channel it towards new and exciting (aka SCARY!) postures that will expand my practice and further my development on the mat…

By day, I am a project manager, so I am disciplined to plan ahead and organize all of the spinning plates. However, the disciplines of Risk Management and Change Management are to handle things that are outside of what we’ve planned for. Both my profession and my yoga practice have taught me that there is only so much you can anticipate – sometimes you just need to go with the flow and let yourself be taken away to blissful parts unknown.


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