I wish I could be consistent. Always, forever. Having order and structure bring me more ease than too much fluidity and flexibility. I find calm and self in routine.

But, life’s too fun and short to ALWAYS work out and ALWAYS eat clean and ALWAYS get lots of sleep.

So you fall out of habit. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit – it feels like it takes less than that to fall out of one. Like, the amount of time it takes to sip an import beer or two and a devour bowl full of potato chips.

But then I remember that being active, eating light, and going to bed early make my body and mind happier, lighter, and darn right joyful.

Busting my hump in boot camp, being present, rolling my mat out for my yoga, swimming in green smoothies, letting the little things go, consuming too much ginger and keeping focus is how I reset.


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