Reset 2.0

September will always feel like a beginning to me, even though I am no longer a full time student, and even when my stepkids have moved on from their secondary and post-secondary journeys.

Over August I took a hiatus, some lazy days, less structure, no pressure. My personal planner was void of social engagements, my alarm clock was not set for 5 am, and I just lived.

Although I strived to follow my O diet (see forthcoming post on the exploration of my food sensitivities), I did not do anything health/fitness-related. However, the yogi in my was in bliss, following my instinct with what I wanted to do with my days and nights, enjoying the company of my husband, family, and fur babies.

extended hand to big toe

Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana | Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose (modified kflo-steez)

But now that September has hit, mornings are cooler, the sun rises a bit later, and I’m ready to get back to my “normal”: yoga (home and studio practices), green smoothies, gym classes, etc., etc.

New projects, new classes, new practice spaces…, let’s go, YO!



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