January 2014

When I started Tara Stiles’ month-long yoga program last April, I launched this blog to write about my experiences throughout the month, hence the title Spring Yoga.

I have since been inspired to write about other things including other fitness ventures I’m pursuing and my path towards cleaner eating. With this change in tone, I’ve decided to change the blog’s title You Say YOLO, I Say YOGA!

Please continue to join me through the highs and lows!


April 2013

For the month of April, I will be following Tara Stiles’ “Can I Be Your Yoga Teacher Please” program based on her DVD series “This is Yoga”. She’s created a calendar detailing am and pm yoga practices, with suggestions of which video/sequence to do every day. For us Canucks where Amazon doesn’t ship, she’s suggesting videos to do from her YouTube channel. Until I can order them then make a run for the border with the hubz to pick them up, I’ve been sync’ing YouTube up every morning and night. Follow along to hear about my journey, and I’ll try not to be too whiny.


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