my journey to the mat…

How did my yoga practice begin?

A couple of years before my yoga journey began, I was finally able to establish a consistent habit of working out at the gym. I was just getting in to weight training when I decided to try yoga to strengthen my back and gain more flexibility. Ok, honestly, I really wanted to be more flexible so I could finally pursue a short-lived (and largely childhood desire) to dance ballet! I was lucky enough to find a studio and instructor whose style I clicked with. I soon became addicted to the sweaty, bendy workout.

…but that’s the thing.

It was just a workout.

Around the same time, my personal life began to slowly, but drastically change. Over the next 11 years, I went from being a single, career-focused, social butterfly, to a married stepmom with a stable career and a smaller (but more meaningful) social circle.

My yoga practice, time on the mat, and the lessons I learned from it, helped me through the mental and emotional ups and downs that came with all of those major life changes, and then some: break-ups and make-ups, job changes, learning to love and care for someone else’s children, the responsibilities and support for an aging parent, and trying to find my true self.

Now, when I roll out my mat, it’s no longer just a workout, but a way to deal, heal, and live.

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self,
to the self.”
– Bhagavad Gita